Printing Roller Re-rubberization system

With the rapid development and changes in the Printing industry, the manufacture of printing rollers requires constant study to provide effective solutions to the challenges presented. Our team of highly skilled technicians, engineers and the quiality control department are dedicated to ensure that the delivery of the rollers meet the cutomers' satisfaction.


To ensure a high surface finish and uniform ink distributionk, a pre-requisite optimum adhesion of the rubber coating to the roller core is needed. This is achieved by means of coating the right QUALITY RUBBER COMPOUND with a uniform layer. The right hardness and dimensional statiblity gives the printer the following advantages:

  • Prompt duct Setting
  • Quick machine wash up.
  • Perfect ink/water ratio balance
  • Hence use of minimum ink and water

Types of Rollers

  1. Dampening (alcohol and non-alcoholic resistant)
  2. Inking roller (UV and non UV resistant)
  3. Folding machine rollers

Rider materials are specially compounded and manufactured as an ideal substitute to copper and plastic riders

No reaction to water and heat unlike copper which gets oxidized on contact with water and plastic which is affected by heat generated during running of the machine.

  Precision Cores

An in-house facility provides the core using quality steel. The spindles are machined, the bearing seats ground and dynamically balanced. Seamless steel pipes are used for hollow cores which keep a strict check for micro cracks. Exchange rollers are reconditioned with strict inspection.

  Flexo and Roto Engraver rollers

Flexo and Roto Engraver rollers are custom-made where extra properties like solvent resistance is required.

  Lamination rubber Rollers

Both cold and hot rollers are manufactured with specially designed compounds. Our range includes solventless lamination rollers and rollers with heaters inside the core where bond strength is guaranteed to withstand 200 degrees temperature.

  Textile and Paper industry rollers

Textile and Paper industry rollers are also custom-made where chemical resistance is required.