Polyurethane Components

Urethane Rubber, the original discovery in Germany and USA in 1937 has created a section of the polymer industry in its own rights.

Research and development over the last 65 years has seen the introduction of polyurethane products into various industrial applications and expect many other developments in this unique field of polymer science.

A unique feature of Polyurethane is that it has the flexibility of rubber and the strength of Steel. Polyurethane is used where dynamic applications are needed.


  • Tension Rollers for the steel industry.
  • Rollers for the printing industry where clarity is required.
  • Various components for the mining cyclones, scraper blades, screen decks.
  • Components and pipeline rigs.
  • Other general components like coupling bushes, guide wheels and custom made items.
  • High load bearing reach truck wheels.
  • Coating rollers for dispersion and UV coatings.
  • Ink rollers.