Our Retreading Process

1. Initial Inspection

Casings are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet our high retreading standards. Our inspectors look for every cut, bruise, and puncture, as well as other damage to the tyre body. Repairs are made using strong, flexible Bandag repair materials.

2. Scanning

After our initial inspection the casings are scanned ultrasonically to identify and damage that may be hidden from the naked eye. This is done using the latest in technological innovations, the NDI ( Non-Destructive Inspection ) Tyre Casing Analyser.

3. Buffing

Once the casings have been scanned they are then buffed to remove the old, worn tread design. The Buffer works like a lathe as the tyre is buffered, truing the inflated casing with utmost precision. This ensures a smoother running tyre, which serves to reduce vehicle maintenance.

4. Skiving

Damaged ply and rubber material is removed while a repair is being made.

5. Repairs

Once the Skiving process is completed, the casings are repaired to meet Al Dobowi Limited's high standards. Nail hole injuries, crown injuries and sidewall injuries are repair and many others are routinely repaired. This is done using specialist Bandag repair materials that have been designed specifically with today's new generation tyres in mind.

6. Filling

The skived area is then filled with repair gum using the repair gum extruder.

7. Tread Preparation

The tread rubber is then laminated with the cushion/bonding gum and is then cut to the required length to suit the circumference of the buffed tyre casing.

8. Building

Once the tread has been prepared, Cushion gum ( the adhesive layer ) is applied to the back of the Bandag tread rubber. The tread rubber and cushion gum are then applied to the casing while the tyre is inflated to its normal running configuration. The cushion gum bonds the tough Bandag tread rubber to the casing and this bond becomes one of the strongest parts of the tyre.

9. Enveloping

The tyre is then encased in a rubber enclosure which provides equal pressure on all external surfaces.

10. Curing

This process allows the tread rubber to bond with the casing and is done at a fixed temperature and for a fixed period of time.

11. Final Inspection

Every tyre produced by Al Dobowi is inspected thoroughly before it leaves our premises. In keeping with our philosophy of 'safety first' we ultrasonically scan each tyre in the final inspection ( the only retreader in the region to do so! ). The last place we want to discover a problem is after the tyre is in service. We are sure you would agree.